June 28th 2004

Original Sighting Form Report:

Name: Carol Lowder

Location: Salem, Oregon

Date: 6/28/04 at approximately 10:30am and again on 6/29/04 at approximately 11:00am

Approach Direction: Beings were standing at edge of wooded area on both 6/28/04 and on 6/29/04.

Departure Direction: Being(s) ran into the woods going south on both dates of sightings.

Witness Direction: Granddaughter was facing south when she spotted being(s) at edge of woods.

Description: My granddaughter saw a tall, thin but muscular white being approximately 10ft tall in the woods out back behind where they live. Her large German Shephard went after it but the white being moved extremely quick and he was unable to catch it. Granddaughter managed to drag the dog back and ran home. When my son came home from work he and I went out back but could not find anything. I told my granddaughter who is a mature 13 yrs old to call me if anything else strange happened as both parents work and my 13 & 14yr old girls are home alone. The next day at 11:00am she called me scared as she saw the being again in the woods when she took the dog for a walk, he again gave chase and she had to drag him back home. I went over there immediately with a 38 revolver and searched but the woods are very overgrown with black berry bushes and underbrush and most places it is impossible to get through. We were resting at the picnic table at the outskirts of the woods when Nichole again spotted the beings but now there were two. One she stated walked with his back bent over a little the other being did not appear to be bent over at all. Before I could get my gun and myself up from the bench the beings dissapeared once again. My son and I once again took guns and walked through the woods but could not find anything, but as I said anything could have been hiding in the dense woods and we would not have been able to find it if it didn't want to be found. Almost three weeks has passed and no sightings have been made since.

Color/Shape: Tall,thin white beings whose facial features were not distinguishable nor did they appear to be wearing clothing

Height & Speed: 10 ft in height, ran extremely fast so only a brief glimpse could be gotten.

Follow-up Information from Brian Vike:

Dear Brian:

Sorry that it took me a few days to respond back to your email with further information. I went over to my son's house where the sighting took place to night to obtain more info for you as I did not witness anything actually myself. The picnic area and surrounding woods was searched for tracks and broken branches but due to the thickness of the woods and the fact that the area is inhabited by deer, coyotes and other wild animals nothing unusual was found. The white beings appeared to want to be seen by my granddaughter Nichole only for some strange reason. My son and granddaughter did see a UFO in the sky on the second day of seeing the white beings. According to my son it was SE in the sky, golden in color, the shape was blurred but appeared to be top-shape and it hung in the sky in the same spot for about 1 hour. No sightings have been seen since then. He has not talk to any neighbors of his neighbors to see if they saw anything. It was the first time he or my granddaughter has seen anything of this nature ever. Hope this helps!

[UFOINFO thanks Brian Vike & HBCC UFO Research for the follow-up.]


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