July 3rd 2004

Phoenix, Arizona Video Clip

Hi Brian. It's me from Phx. again. I am going to send you 6 clips from another day sighting that happened July 3rd, 2004. This happened a day after I was on Jeff's radio show. I just left my house to go to a radio station downtown to meet the two guys who video-taped the Estrella lights from June 14th. I was on the phone with one of the guys getting directions to the station when my phone made a very high pitch, almost like feedback from a microphone. I looked down at the phone because the noise couldn't be stopped and noticed the screen had gone completely white. I had to take the battery out of the phone to make the noise stop. I stopped the car and looked around to see if it was power-lines interfering with the signal and I saw these 2 orbs hanging around the intersection a block away.

I had my camera with me because I was on my way to the radio station to share my sightings so I started to video tape what you see on these clips. When I first spotted the object it was hovering over the intersection so I had time to get the camera and start taping. I thought to myself that this is too good to be true it has to be balloons. I put the camera down and looked through my binoculars and noticed that it was more than 2 orbs, it was 2 to 4 orbs. The other ones were black and seemed to come out of the white one and rotate around it like the white orb was the lead. I also noticed that it was a breezy day (about 10mph) and the wind was West to East. This object was heading North and sometimes darting back a few feet it seemed. Like it would shoot in reverse and than go back on course. When I first saw the object it looked to be less than 1000ft. for sure and when I stopped taping it-it probably was about 2000ft. I used a palm tree to show how the object pauses and starts again.

It is very obvious that these are not balloons. You can see the other black objects when the object tumbles but the white orb is like the lead. I stopped taping because I couldn't focus in on it anymore and I was real late to the radio station. My phone never acted like that again. I drive down this street everyday so why hasn't it happened before or since. Any ideas what this object is? It acts just like the stepper UFO I sent you last week. My wife and I did a balloon experiment Saturday and noticed that our balloons kept going up not horizontal or darting backwards and pausing. We put 5 balloons together and they still rose a lot quicker than the object I saw. Weird...Thank you for everything Brian.

Thank you to the witness for the report.

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Brian Vike, Director
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UFOINFO http://www.ufoinfo.com/sightings/usa/040703.shtml