Castro Valley California

July 5th 2004

E-mail Sighting Form Report

Location: Castro Valley California USA

Date: 07/05/04 19:05 Local Time

Approach Direction: South

Departure Direction: North

Witness Direction: South

Description: On July 5 2004 at 7:05 pm I was in Castro Valley California on my patio watching a commercial airliner about 6 miles in the air using a pair of Tasco binoculars.
The skies were clear and blue with no clouds in the skies.
I was zoomed in on the tail fin of the jet airliner.
I was trying to see the commercial airliner's logo that was on the tail fin.
When I suddenly noticed above the tail fin on the plane about a mile above the plane, two white circular discs motionless in the air.
I stopped following the plane and looked at the 2 discs with the binoculars.
The discs were at a 8 and 1 position on a imaginery clock in the sky.
The white disc that was at the 8 o' clock position had a long white rod spinning around the disc.
The other disc did not have any rod around it.
I focused in as close as I could on these 2 white discs but at 7 miles high it was hard to see if there were any port windows on them.
There was definitely no strobe lights on these crafts like jet airliners have.
At 7 miles up, I could hear no sound at all.
The discs were in the sky motionless for about 5 minutes that I was watching them.
Then the spinning rod disappeared from the craft.
It did not go in the craft, it just disappeared.
Then about 5 seconds after the rod disappeared, both craft just shot off at a astounding speed towards the West and were gone from view in just a few seconds.
Thinking back now, I think that the rod on the one disc was recharging the one craft.
Whether it was being recharged by the Sun's rays or whatever was directly below the craft at 7 miles down I have no idea.
But it appeared that it was recharging its power source with the spinning rod.
It was truly a amazing sight to witness.
I would estimate by looking at the commercial plane that was below the craft, that the size of these 2 crafts were a astounding quarter of a mile in diameter.
These 2 crafts had no strobe lights, no contrails, while the jet airliner below it had a small contrail on it.
Whatever those 2 crafts were, I honestly believe the pilots flying them were not from this Earth.
I have never seen any craft shaped like that or move at such a astounding speed in a stopped position in the air.
whatever they were or whoever they were they are truly amazing crafts and the pilots flying them were truly first class pilots to fly those things at a amazing speed.

Color/Shape: The 2 discs were white and round.
One disc had a spinning white rod, spinning around it.
Size of the discs had to be at least a quarter of a mile in diameter.
No port holes could be seen on the crafts.
No strobe lights were seen from the crafts

Height & Speed: At least 7 miles high.
Object were motionless when first seen.
Then when they departed, they had to be traveling over 5000 miles
They disappeared at a astounding speed.

TV/Radio/Press: Sighting was not reported, due to disbelief of the Media.


UFOINFO http://www.ufoinfo.com/sightings/usa/040705.shtml