July 27th 2004

Phoenix, Arizona Red Object In Sky Over Chandler

Date: July 27, 2004
Time: Approx: 8:05 p.m.

Brian, I have been trying to see if anyone has reported what my husband and I saw in the sky over the east phoenix area on the evening of July 27th 2004. My husband and I were sitting out on our back patio in Chandler that faces north, we estimate it was about 8:05pm. We were talking and I saw this bright red light coming south from the north. I asked my husband, "what do you think that is?" and we went back and forth for probably a couple of minutes and couldn't decide what it was.

All of a sudden it stopped. We stood and watched it until about 8:25. We got the binoculars out and were looking at it and it was just a red dot. It was the most bizarre thing we have ever seen. It would move a little then stop then move real quick then stop.. all of a sudden no more red light but we could still barely see the object. It didn't really flicker, but the red light would go away and then it would come back a few seconds later. It did the quick movements straight south and then started going east when the light started going on and off. I went and got my camera and my husband was watching with the binoculars. At one point we thought it was gone then it reappeared probably close to a minute later. All of a sudden it took off east faster than anything either of us have ever seen and boom it was gone.

We have been watching pretty much nightly to see if it's gonna be back. It was definately not an airplane because and airplane flew in between us and the object. And it was definately not a flare (usually what they say here) because flares don't move that way and they don't disappear and then come back. I took a couple of pictures but unfortunately all I had available was my little freeby digital camera (Vivicam 10). I have attached them but I was hoping that someone else saw this and has better pictures. Can you please let me know if anyone else saw this, I would've thought I was crazy if my husband and daughter weren't right there with me in amazement.


Thank you to the witness for the excellent report and the photos. Pictures are ©2004LBCSJ

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


UFOINFO http://www.ufoinfo.com/sightings/usa/040727a.shtml