July 29th 2004

Phoenix, Arizona More Amazing Footage Taken Of An Unknown ?

Date: July 29, 2004
Time: Daytime

HBCC UFO Research Note: I would like people to know that I have been talking to the gentleman for a while now and he got caught up in something he never expected to find himself. Right in the middle of the UFO phenomena ! This fellow is an excellent eye witness, he is a very credible witness who is seeing some remarkable things over the Phoenix area. I would also like to pint out, he and two other have been filming objects for sometime, getting some excellent still shots and footage. I also would like to point out that a bright flash was seen just before the object was observed. If the flash was associated to the object it is hard to say for certain. But another interesting point to this story. Also one other interesting point that the witness mentions, and that is some 30 to 50 people stopped to look up and must have wondered what this object was. When anyone takes a little extra time to look up they might be rewarded with a remarkable sight. I and all of the fellows who are catching these objects on film would like others from the Phoenix area to come forward to tell of what they have been witness to. If you have seen something recently or from the past each report is very important and we would very much appreciate hearing the stories. Thank you, Brian Vike Director HBCC UFO Research.

Hello Brian. I am beside myself. I am lost for words. I just can't tell you enough how unbelievable the video I captured today was. I woke up today feeling great and had a feeling I was going to see something awesome. I work in downtown Phoenix which is South of me about 15 miles or so and on my way to work I saw a flash in the sky so bright I had to pull over and see what it was. I had my camera with me, as you know, and I looked around for about 10 minutes and saw nothing. I thought I might have seen a reflection off someone's windshield or something reflective, so I continued on to work. I called a friend to tell him about the flash in the sky and since we have both seen them he agreed that I wasn't seeing things and it was probably something entering our atmosphere or our dimension. The only reason we are talking about other dimensions is because of all the sightings and shooting stars we have been seeing lately at night. So the thought is out there to ponder. Who knows right?

I mean, last night I saw 3 orbs, 6 flashes, and 13 shooting stars. Sounds crazy but it's true. My friend came over to skywatch (the guy who taped the Estrella Lights) with me for the first time last night, saw the flashes and shootings stars and the orbs and he couldn't believe it either. Anyway, back to today. I am parking in the parking garage at work, 4 floors up, and in my line of sight (west) a white cluster of orbs heading in my general direction tumbling and turning. Also it was hovering, weaving, moving about, changing shape and was glowing from the inside making a reddish hue. Even when it hovered it was rotating.

Through the viewfinder it looked white because it is a black and white screen you see through but when I played it back it was a reddish color. I moved East in the garage to get to another open area to tape it and I easily spotted it. It was only 1500ft.-2000ft. in altitude, no breeze and I have buildings in the background for a great reference. The object looked like a bunch of orbs clustered together and it looked like the letter "E" but without the center line which makes it look like a thick "C" but with edges or a right angle-shaped design like armrests on a chair. It could also look like the letter "U". It went in all directions causing me to chase after it on foot and the object never changed altitude yet. You can tell because when it was in sight with the buildings I used the windows to determine how many floors it was in line with.

It went behind one building and when I spotted it the object went back where it came from out of sight behind the same building. I found it again behind that building and it moved behind another building. It went back and forth several times and this went on for about 1/2 hour. The people walking around at lunchtime on the street (sidewalk) noticed me videotaping this and about 30-50 people gathered around to watch in the 100 degree heat. I could hear someone saying that they have been watching it because I was watching it and that it has been hanging around a long time. I didn't think about talking to those people to get their comments on tape but that would have helped make the story even more important. Not that this isn't big but having other people seeing this at the same time is newsworthy. Especially during the day. Anyway, I went back up to the roof of my parking garage and it was right there up in the sky hovering around 1500ft.-2000ft.. I zoomed in really close and as I am panning back another white, but smaller orb, went right by the cluster at a fast rate.

I didn't have the tripod with me this time so the video is shaky but the objects are easy to see. No doubt about it, there are 2 objects in the area and I taped it. It's unbelievable! I kept on taping for about 10 min. more but the object started to get farther away and the taller buildings were in the way plus I was real late to work. It was heading towards Mesa which is Southeast from my location picking up speed and ascending.. I could have went all the way to my car and probably followed it again but I was out in my work clothes in 100 plus degrees with humidity, for 45min, sweating so bad that I had to buy a new shirt at the store so I can go to work which I was going to be 1 hour late for. I hope someone else reports this because the video is unbelievable and it should have some importance due to the location of the object and the time it was out there and the other people seeing it. Also the fact that another object flew right by it at a high rate of speed. Good Good stuff and I will be sending clips to you tonight.

Thank You and say hello to all.

Thank you to the witness for these pictures and the report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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