August 15th 2004

Phoenix, Arizona UFOs

Date: August 15, 2004

It was rather breezy today 15-20mph coming from the West and variable cloudiness with thunderstorms developing to the North. I noticed a chemtrail being formed (under 10K ft. estimate) and usually when there are chemtrails being formed there are orbs somewhere in the vicinity. Today was no exception.

This white orb was seen heading South then veered off to the East then changed directions South again. Making a 90 degree direction change from East to West and hesitating before it takes off out of sight to the South behind my trees. It was lower than 2000', size unknown. Just a white orb.

After seeing this orb I was rather excited and decided to hang out and see if anything else comes by. As luck would have it I saw a hive of orbs hovering to the South and almost directly ahead. I would guess it was under 2000' high 20' long and there's about 40-50 orbs in two rows with the tip of the hive red and the rest white. It looked like a seahorse in the sky especially the way it moved. It rotated and hovered for a good 15 minutes when something strange happened.

On the red tip end there seemed to be something a few feet under it like an orb following it or checking it out. They looked in sync. A minute later another object is dislodged down from the hive and almost meets up with the other orb already there. The hive spit out a total of 3 orbs, the last one coming out to the left of it and they seemed to follow in close proximity to the hive and then disappeared. I video taped the hive for 45 minutes when another set of orbs appeared to the South and zoomed by before I can catch up to it. I did capture another set of orbs a few minutes later but it started to storm and the show ended.

I noticed one thing when I was watching the hive...it looked like there was something coming out of the red tip like a string but after the orbs came out of the hive the string like thing was not there anymore. By reviewing the video over and over I don't see how, with a windy day, the hive hovered for 15 minutes then decided to head East. It only headed East after the other objects were released from it.

I will send two clips with this story so you can see the white light that makes a 90 degree turn.

Thank you Brian and give my best to all.

Thank you to the witness for the report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


UFOINFO http://www.ufoinfo.com/sightings/usa/040815.shtml