August 18th 2004

UFOINFO Sighting From Report:

Name: matthew king

Location: kenosha wis, usa

Date: approx 9 pm local time about aug 18th 2004

Approach Direction: from the west going directly over my house

Departure Direction: east toward the lake

Witness Direction: i was facing east in my swing glider

Description: sitting in my back yard when a loud noise like an old army plane was coming from above and out of sight due to our house roof blocking view.the noise was extremely loud and then a slow moving boxcar like thing flew over the house about 6 to 700 feet above it. it was in complete view. it was a large black rectangular shape with no wings. just a very loud engine noise with no flashing lights but did have some steady soft lights on the bottom my reaction was what the hell is that? it flew slowly east over the city and disappeared. there were no lights on the sides,they were just ink black.did not report this except for here other people had to have seen it. do you have any reports from kenosha other than me?

Color/Shape: ink black boxcar size that had no wings and should not have been able to fly. very noisey engine. some lights on the bottom only

Height & Speed: 6 to 700 feet up in air slow moving eastward to the lake

TV/Radio/Press: do not know i should have called 911


UFOINFO http://www.ufoinfo.com/sightings/usa/040818.shtml