September 12th 2004

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Name: Laura Simmons

Location: Fulton St., San Francisco, CA

Date: 09/12/04

Approach Direction: from the Northwest

Departure _Direction: to the Northeast

Witness Direction: North

Description: My friend and I were chatting on the back porch when I noticed movement in the sky. It was a silent abstract, blob, almost like the underside view of a manta ray shape, moving quickly, quietly across the sky, I have no idea how high it was so I cannot judge the size. Very large, almost gossamer speckled not with lights, but almost like, dusted with a luminous powder. I can only describe it as if it were draped in star camouflage or something. It had a swimming amoeba shape effect. Sound silly, but it's true. ( We both drew pictures of our view before we even starting talking to each other about ti, so as not to influence and they are quite similiar) We were facing North and it traveled northwest to northeast, then disappearred out of view. It is a clear night tonight, and very windy, but around this thing it seemed kind of cloudy.???

Color/Shape: Black on Black. It was as if someone cut a puzzle piece out of the night sky and it was floating very quickly, silently by.

Height & Speed: 1500ft~4000ft? 200~450mph

TV/Radio/Press Coverage: not that I know of


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