September 13th 2004

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Name: MF

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Date: 09/13/04 9:05pm

Approach Direction: Southeast

Departure Direction: Southeast

Witness Direction: Southeast

Description: Witnessed large orange, fuzzy fireball east of LAX lasting 4-5 seconds. Fireball was approximately 10-15 miles away SE of my location, at less than 10,000 feet, sationary in sky and 70% size of full moon. As fireball dissipated, color and shape became crisper and redder with vivid "fire chunks" visible. Afterwards, I could see what appeared to be a pinpoint, pulsating, glowing "ember" remaining that eventually disappeared a couple seconds later. Whole event lasted 10-15 seconds. Can't find any news on it today.

Color/Shape: Orange, fuzzy fireball dissipating and becomming sharper, redder, with pulsating pinpoint ember remaining.

Height & Speed: Less than 10,000 feet, no directional movement-stationary in sky.

TV/Radio/Press: Unable to find any other info.


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