September 26th 2004

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Name: Stace

Location: Englewood, Colorado, USA

Date: 09/26/04 from 18:15 until 18.35 local time.

Approach Direction: Suddenly appeared

Departure Direction: Vanished within seconds while I was not looking

Witness Direction: east

Description: I went outside to see if I might catch a glimpse of the sphere I've been seeing a lot of recently. It was a very crisp, clear evening, with just a few high clouds drifting south to north. After just a few minutes I noticed a bright, starlike object sitting in the sky in front of and above me -- about 30 degrees east of zenith. I sensed right away that this was the same or similar object as the one(s) I've reported to NUFORC and MUFON recently (and very similar to the one recently reported over the Twin Cities in MN). Through binocs, it was a steady, white sphere, but to the naked eye it resembled a non-flickering bright star or planet shining in the blue sky. From my deck chair, using the overhead wires as a guide, I confirmed the object was absolutely stationary, and remained so for 20 full minutes, not wavering at all. Occasionally a thin, wispy cloud passed either through or behind where the object sat. At about 6.25 my 16-yr old daughter came home and I called her out and she looked at the object through binoculars, and said it just looked like a white ball. Her 19-year old friend arrived at about 6.30 and also came out and took a look at it through binoculars. We were discussing how strange it was that it seems whenever I look for this sphere, I see it. I looked up again after a few seconds of not looking, and it had vanished. We were all very surprised that it had been shining so brightly and then suddenly disappeared. The time was exactly 6.35 PM. The only thing I can determine may have led to it vanishing is that the sun may have dipped far enough behind the mountains that, if reflecting light, it very quickly lost its light source. However, according to Denver statistics, local-area sunset time was nearly 15 minutes later, at 6.49 PM.

Color/Shape: White, round. Assumed to be spherical in shape. May have been self-luminous, considering it's sudden appearance and disappearance, but could have been reflecting sunlight. The object did not glint, flicker, or waver at all.

Height & Speed: Unknown speed as it was absolutely stationary for 20 minutes. Estimated height: 15,000 - 25,000 feet.


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