October 3rd 2004

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Name: On file

Location: bullhead city az.

Date: 10/03/04
18:15 local
clear skies

Approach Direction: west

Departure Direction: east

Witness Direction: north

Description: as the sun was going down we were jet skiing on lake mohave when we saw a triangle of 3 bright white lights which appeared to be stationary ---the lights then seemed to move from the triangle shape to stack on top of each other. still clearly separated but now stacked.
then another group of three appeared in a triangle shape as the first group but now the original three were still stacked. saw another group off in the distance (at least two ) toward the north west--the sun went behind the mountain so there was no longer a reflection and we all lost sight of them.

Color/Shape: white--yellow possibly reflection from sun--silent

Height & Speed: mostly stationary--difficult to guess size because of distance

TV/Radio/Press: looked but did not see any reports


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