October 6th 2004

UFOINFO E-mail Report

On the evening of Oct, 6th 2004 approximately 7:30 p.m. Eastern Time Zone, in Logansport, Indiana. There were 4 of us, standing in front of our Factory, it was just after our lunch break. One guy says, look over there, and pointed due south,(toward Indianapolis) just above the tree line. I don't know what he had seen, when I had turned to look, I seen nothing until after about 4 or 5 seconds. It looked like a fireball, maybe, and then another one just higher in the horizon, with only about 2 seconds between them. So it appeared it was moving toward us or Straight up. The reason I say fireball is because it wasn't a flash, it appeared fast but was stationary for a little over a second, then after the light dissipated, the second light was seen 2 seconds later.

As far as the size of the light when you see planes flying at night it was about 50 times the size or greater than them. And the light, flames, or fire ball didn't appear to move. We heard no sound linked to the fire ball, witch makes me think it wasn't an explosion of some kind unless it was just so far way that we would not here it.

We kept looking for more not knowing what it was we seen, then about 10 seconds later one guy points it out nearly right above us, which looked to me like a plane at a high altitude. But I feel it was moving too fast for a plane. The first point in which it was seen was I would say about 20 degrees above the horizon to the point almost above us had to be a great distance. But moving in a northern direction, and gaining altitude this small light turned and went almost straight up, and at a speed almost 5 times faster. with in a second it was no longer visible. We don't know what it was, but I do know that it was fast. I have seen the space shuttle take off once from Coco Beach FL. when on vacation, and it looked like slow motion compared to this, also while we seen all of this, there were planes flying about so we had an immediate comparison of speed relative to that of a plane, or jet.

This inspired me to look on the internet for an explanation. And that is how I had found your Web site. I read a few of the stores told, and thought maybe the 2 fire balls could have been asteroids, hum I don't know.

Thanks for listening, Tony H.

[Possibly part of a meteor shower - John @ UFOINFO]


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