October 6th 2004

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Name: On file

Location: milwaukie or 97222 near se harrison street near the downtown area

Date: 10/6/04 pst - october 6 2004 around 8:30 pm

Approach Direction: heading north

Departure Direction: dissapeared

Witness Direction: south there were 4 witnesses

Description: i was chatting with some friends when something caught my eye. I looked up past the treeline and said WHAT IS THAT!? it was behaving in such an odd way, not going forward in a way that an aircraft is expected to and going slower than I would expect also. They were all transfixed and confused in the same way that I was and then it dissapeared! completely vanished.

Color/Shape: there were three lights shining off of the vehicle which were shining in a forward arc, which was the first weird thing was that this was obviously a circular craft it was a bit foggy so there was an odd eerie cast to the lights


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