October 12th 2004

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Name: John Cox

Location: North Port, Florida USA - Lat.27.033104 Long. -82.210927

Date: 10/12/04 - 0126 GMT

Approach Direction: SSW 150 Degrees

Departure Direction: NNW 355 Degrees

Witness Direction: ESE

Description: While awaiting a satellite pass, under CAVU (Ceiling And Visibility Unlimited) conditions, I observed a satellite-like object approaching from the SSW at an elevation of about 20 Degrees from the horizon. Knowing the the ISS (International Space Station) to be on the opposite side of Earth at the time, I immediately began detailed observation of the object as it was exhibiting behavior unlike a "normal" satellite. The object was possibly cylindrical or rectangular. There was a distinct orange/yellow glow about the center object, similar to that of a High Pressure Sodium Vapor street lamp in the fog. The object and surrounding glow encompassed an area of sky slightly smaller than a US Dime at arms length. It passed noiselessly, left no after-image, trail or smoke. It did not pulse, blink or strobe, and tracked across the sky not unlike a satellite...Only FASTER.

Color/Shape: Orange/yellow circular glow with the center object/mass a yellow to white cylinder or rectangle.

Height & Speed: The object appeared to THIS experienced satellite observer to be in LEO or Higher, either generating a re-entry plasma sheath, or was skimming the tropopause.

TV/Radio/Press: N/A UNKNOWN This writer notified NUFORC & MacDill AFB in Tampa Florida. The Duty Officer at MacDill stated there were no known missile tests or high altitude maneuvers and would "log my call".


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