October 14th 2004

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Name: Josh Griffith

Location: Ironton, Ohio U.S.

Date: 10/14/04 8:00 Eastern standered time

Approach Direction: southeast

Departure Direction: northwest

Witness Direction: east

Description: I was in my truck talking to my wife when she suddenly what is that? when I looked, I saw something very bright like a star but much brighter very large moving over the horizon at an extreme rate of speed, when object was about halway across sky it went completly black nothing visible, then at an instant object was pulsating in a very dark and deep red the whole craft not a light on a plane.

Color/Shape: at first brilliantly bright, then pulsating redish

Height & Speed: 5-10,000 feet, the speed was unlike anything I have seen.


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