Avon, North Carolina

October 28th 2004

Location: Avon, North Carolina, USA

Date: 10/28/2004 Around 8:00pm

Approach Direction: did not move other than lights coming out north to south

Departure Direction: blinked out

Witness Direction: I was facing west, no other witnesses

Description: (as reported to nuforc.org and ufoevidence.org on 11/04/2004) I was fishing down on the beach near Avon thursday night around 8 pm. I turned to walk back to my truck and saw some strange red lights in the sky. I was wondering if maybe you know what these lights were. With my back to the ocean, the light appeared just a little to the left. It was high in the sky. About cloud level at maybe a 45 degree angle from me. It was round about the size of your little finger nail held out at arms length. The light first appeared by itself for about two seconds then another light seemed to come out of it like almost instantly to the left. It was spaced away from the first about the same distance as the diameter of the first light then another came out of the second, and another, and another, until there were either four or five lights side-by-side in the sky all the same size.. Then I can't, remember for sure, they either went out all at one time or they went out one at a time in the order they lit up. I was fishing south of the point wednesday night and saw two red lights side-by-side lower to the ground toward Frisco. I didn't really think anything about them at the time. I assumed they were two jets. They were just lit for a couple of seconds also.

Color/Shape: The red lights were like a round ball of solid red light. They did not glare like a street light or star. One thing I didn't mention on the other sites that I noticed is when the lights were coming out of each other, as they separated away from each other I could see something dark behind them or between them. Almost like a jet flying behind them. Maybe a fifth the size of the light. I did not hear any sound from them, but the ocean waves and wind was quiet loud.

Height & Speed: I say they were at cloud level but I could have been wrong. They may have been much further out than they appeared.


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