November 3rd 2004

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Name: Sean K.

Location: Plum, PA USA - East of Pittsburgh, PA

Date: 10:30 EST Wed. 11-3-04

Approach Direction: West, South west

Departure Direction: East, North east

Witness Direction: Driving West then North

Description: Driving West home from work and observing the clear sky when noticed 2 bright white lights close together approaching from the west. I thought they might be headlights from a plane, but the altitude was lower than a commercial flight. The object seemed to be heading eastward slowly. I turned north and kept the object in my sight out my drivers side window. Keeping my eyes on the road I kept glancing back to see the object. I suddenly lost sight of the object and was looking around for it when I had noticed it right above my car. This was not right because the distance that it had to cover was to great for any know aircraft to cover from the speed the object was going before I lost sight of it the first time. I was then observing it through my sunroof when I went back to the road and looked back, the object was totally gone. I looked all around and found nothing. I was home 2 minutes later and looked outside for several minutes but found nothing. Sky was pretty clear with only a few overcast clouds coming in around 10:45.

Color/Shape: 2 bright white lights in front and when I saw it above my car, I noticed a faint white light in the centered rear of the craft giving it a triangle inmpression.

Height & Speed: Height was about 3/4 what a commercial flight would be and seemed to be about the same speed or a little slower than a commercial flight. When I lost sight of the object for the first time, the object seemed to jump about 1/3 of the visible sky.


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