November 3rd 2004

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Name: On file

Location: San Fransisco, CA USA

Date: 11/03/04 aprrox 23:00 local time

Approach Direction: south to north

Departure Direction: unknown

Witness Direction: southwest

Description: As I am an ailine pilot I'm a bit hesitant to say I something that I can't explain. While approaching San Fransisco from the east an orange dot began to glow and seemed to flicker higher up (about 30 degrees) to the west of us. I thought that it was a planet. It then changed colors from an orange to white. Again I figured a planet could be illuminated through an atmosphere which would explain color change. It then began to move in a northerly direction. Once again being in an airplane it is easy to think an object is moving from small corrections the autopilot makes. I focused on background stars to have a reference point and verified the object was moving slowly north. It moved about 30 degrees and then stopped. Then it made a slight tangent to the right (about a 10 degree heading change) and continued moving for about 20 more degrees. It stopped and turned again to the right (another 10 degrees) continued for 10 degrees then stopped again and disappeared. The whole sighting was about two minutes or so from start to finish. It was difficult to judge the distance and speed. When I talk about moving in degrees and turning I am talking about my viewpoint and compass degrees. The size was very small, about the size of stars or planets you see in the sky, a point of light. We had initially been at 35,000 feet, but had descended to 24,000 feet when we saw the object. We were above all clouds with a clear view there was a crescent moon behind us. The weather in San Fransisco had partly cloudy skies and light rain, about 55 degrees. There were two of us there and we both witnessed the same thing. We were both in awe. I've been flying for 14 years and have seen weather balloons, meteors, planets, strange cloud formations, aircraft in misleading positions and the like. I have never witnessed something like that before. One possible explanation is that an aircraft approaching from the west came into sight. The appearance of it stopping would imply it's headed directly toward you and a northly heading would explain a turn on a course accross your path. Although I've considered this possibility, I don't think this was the case. It was too high up in the sky for that. I included this remark to let you know I have considered different explanations, but have come up with none. PJ

Color/Shape: Orange at first lasting about 20 seconds then turning white. A point of light.

Height & Speed: Difficult to tell. Large objects very distant appear small and slow. About 60 degrees above the horizon from 24,000 feet. Moving left to right and disappearing about 20 degrees above the horizon


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