November 5th 2004

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Name: Bobby (Full name on file)

Location: 1st: State Road, NC. USA
2nd-4th: Union Hill, NC. USA

Date: 11-05-04
16:48 EST
17:52 EST
18:13 EST
18:33 EST

Approach Direction: 1st: Stationary
2nd: West
3rd Stationary
4th Stationary

Departure Direction: 1st: South
2nd: East
3rd Unkown
4th Unkown

Witness_Direction: 1st SSW
2nd S
3rd Just North of true East
4th: NE Direction of Cassieopea constellation

Description: After work, I had stopped by my sisters house to bring some cat food. While we were standing on her front pourch talking, I heard the sound of a small engine plane close by and looked to see what kind it was. The sky that day was crystal clear, the weather cool, the temp. in the low 50's and and a 8-10 mph breeze frome the NNW. When I looked up and to the SW I saw what appeared to be a star. Totaly motionless. What was striking about it was that it was full daylight (16:48) there wasn't a cloud in the sky, but this object had a nimbus around it like a halo that you see around a full moon in winter. I pointed it out out to my sister and she said "well maybe it's a star". The sun was still well above the horizon so I knew it was't a star. I watched it for appox. 1 min. and then the nimbus started to fade. There were powerlines in front of her house and I was using them to judge whether the object was moving. It began to slowly turn toward the South and I could see then it was a metallic cylinder, no protuberates, dull in appearence as it didn't refelct the sun. It faded from sight to the south.

In sight approx: 1 min 30 sec.

I had a couple of other errands to run so by the time I started home it was full dark. I live in a rural area and I was traveling one of the back roads where there aren't alot of houses.

To my rt. at tree top level I saw a blue flash. I thought maybe I had seen a night light from a house back in the woods, but I traveled about 3/4 mi. and saw it again. This road winds around so I couldn't be sure of the direction I was looking at. When I came around a turn, the woods opend back from the road a little and I observed a neon blue orb crossing the road (I went back later and found the direction to be west to east) at tree top level and at about the speed of a small plane coming in for a landing (about stall speed I'd guess). It was about the size of a dime at arms length and I saw it for about 3 sec. before I lost it in the trees. Time (17:52)

When I got home (18:13) I pulled my truck into the carport as I was walking behind it I looked to the East and just N of East I saw a star that I thought was unususal. I've been an avid sky and aviation watcher since I was a child and this didn't look right. It appeared to be a star but it was "shimmering". At first I dismissed it as atomopheric distortion and started to go into the house, but something didn't seem right. I went into the house and got my binoculars. I still tried to dismiss it as a star but there were several aircraft, both private and commercial in the area (I am under a major flight corridor for 3 Int. airports, the military has a training route through here and we have 3 local airports close by, I know what aircraft look like at night). As I watched the object a small private plane came from the South, traveled behind the object (Nav lights occluded by object) pretty much shooting down the star theory. The object appeared to be a cylinder with blue lights on the rt. and red lights on the lft. I couldn't tell if the pulsating appearance came from rapid rotation or if it was multi-facited and blinking but even at a distance it was quite beautiful. I went back into the house a couple of times since was cold and windy out. The 3rd time I came out the object was quite different in appearence. It was now changing magnitudes (dimmer then bright) and had turned a deep red color, then it went back to it's first colorations. I went back inside and when I came out it was gone. I thought that maybe it had simply moved position so I was checking the sky. I was looking NE in the general location of the constellation Cassiopiea when a bright flash occured (this was at 18.33) and it was much like a lightining strike close by, but unlike lightining, it was in a small sector of the sky (2in. finger widgth at arms length). The only thing I could see was what appeared to be, for lack of a better term, a plasma cloud. It was pale but distinct, looked like an elongated disc, kind of like looking at a picture of a spiral nebula edge on. It disappeard almost immediately.

If you or anyone has a thought about this phenom. please I'd like to know.

The above you may publish as you wish.

I know that you both may doubt my observations and I can't say that I'd blame you.

Color/Shape: 1st Blue/white changing to dull metallic, nimbus of pale yellow around it. Nimbus faded apparently as it started to move. cylindrical, no protrusions, no trail.
2nd Neon blue orb, brighter than a street light, size of a dime at arms length.
3rd Red/Blue pulsating, perhaps rapidly rotating, through binoculars appeared to be a cylinder with blue lights on rt. and red on left of top half. Changed tosolid deep red, changed magnitudes, then back to pulsating.
4th. Anolomy was a brillant flash of light, much like a lightening flash at close distance. After the flash there was what appeared to be a plasma (for lack of better discription) cloud, disc shaped, with a dark center, appeared to me to be approx. 2 in. with fingers held at arms lengt. Closes't thing I could describe it to would be looking at a spiral galaxy edge on. Faded almost instantly.

Height & Speed: 1st: approx. 40,000 ft. looked about the size of a commercial jet at that alt. and departed at about the same speed. But hard to determine at that distance.
2nd: Tree top level 30-40 ft. About the speed of a single engine plane (near stall speed)
3rd: Unknown
4th: Unknown


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