November 26th 2004

New Jersey Black Triangle Close Up Sighting

Date: November 26, 2004
Time: Approx: 2:15 a.m.

I took a telephone call from two witnesses who described seeing a black triangular craft In New Jersey.

The two witness had left the movies and were driving towards home when they spotted a black triangular craft in the distance. What actually brought their attention to the object was seeing a bright elongated light coming towards them in the distance. They thought it looked a little out of place due to the low altitude of the craft, which they thought was an airplane. The object was traveling from north to south on a slight angle dropping downward. One of the witnesses said it looked like a comet or missile dropping out of the sky. There was no trail or tail noticed following the object. Just a very bright elongated light. Due to the whole event looking out of the norm the driver of the car pulled off of the road and into a parking lot so they could sit and watch this event unfold.

With their car is stopped and everyone observing the object, it was at this point, which was close to them the craft came to a stop and hovered over some power-lines. One of the ladies got very frightened as this object was rather close and just sitting in the sky over the power-lines moving slightly from side to side. There were lights on each of the points of the triangle which pulsated rather quickly. They were also able to see the silhouette of the craft against the clear night's sky. It also was reported that the object was just above the trees and power-line, which would have been unusually low for a normal aircraft. Seeing this was becoming nerve rattling the passenger told the driver to get the car going as the passenger was terrified at what they were watching and of course didn't know if something bad might come out of this experience. While they were in the parking lot the craft was only a short distance away from them, as the left the lot and back onto the road they said the object had now moved to the opposite side it was on and the ladies guessed it was approximately 500 feet away from them at this point and heading towards where the ladies had just come from. The object was estimated to be the size of a normal sized car.

The entire sighting lasted for approximately 4 minutes before they finally lost sight of it. There was not a sound coming from it.

The night was reported to be cool and the skies clear.

Thank you to the witnesses for the report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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