November 30th 2004

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Name: Kimberlee

Location: Huntington Beach, CA USA

Date: 11/30/04 between 6:30 - 7:30 am PST

Approach Direction: It appeared to be traveling from a South West direction to North East

Departure Direction: After traveling onto another freeway, I couldn't see it anymore, but I don't believe it departed.

Witness Direction: I was facing East and it was South West of where I was at the time.

Description: The sky was bright and clear. I noticed airplanes around the sky and the reflection from the sun would make them appear as a little spec and some had a small trail behind them.

This craft was was huge compared to the airplane specs of light and it also had a trail. There were also two smaller crafts side by side in front of the larger craft. The larger craft was at least 50 times bigger in size. These smaller crafts were also leaving a trail of light so I could tell they were moving. The smaller craft were 100 times larger than the airplane specs, but seeing how they appeared to be lower in the sky, maybe that is why they appeared so much larger.

Color/Shape: Somewhat of a triangular shape on the large craft, but the outline was not well defined. It was almost a little blob-like. The two crafts in front looked more round.

Height & Speed: It appeared to be lower than the specs from the airplanes. Most airplanes fly around 33,000 ft. So, I'm assuming this was about 1/2 that. I couldn't tell the speed, but they were leaving a trail of light.

TV/Radio/Press: I am not aware if this has been reported, but I would assume it would, seeing how this was rush hour in Southern California on a very busy Freeway. It was the 22 Freeway that I was on at the time. I was telling a co-worker about it and she was about 45 minutes North East of where I was and she saw it around the same time, but didn't see the two lights leading the larger craft. She thinks she may have seen it from the back, and I was seeing it from the side.


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