December 12th 2004

[UFOINFO Note: Brian Vike obtained this report while carrying out a follow-up report for the Tomb of Cyrus the Great, Pasargadae, Iran sighting.]

The UFO I saw on 12/12/04 at 1:30PM EST was from my car passenger seat in a parking lot along Rockville Pike, a main high density commercial and traffic artery in a N/S direction. (Rockville is NW of DC). Alone in the car facing North, I looked above my right shoulder to see an unmarked black helicopter flying North with what at first looked like a small rusty red parachute or balloon being dragged right behind it, in it's blind spot, right under and behind the tail, flapping around in circles. Then it became 'detached', it stayed round, and it's erratic circular movements were at first fast and then became slower circles. I was watching it nonstop, my eyeballs moving in circles. I then had the clear thought 'Oh someone lost their balloon', like I was told this by someone. I knew right away this thought did not come from me. The circles became slower and it descended toward the direction of my car, but perhaps 40' or 50' away and ended up perhaps 40' altitude. Then it changed from round to flat, (it seemed to turn 90degrees so it appeared to be a flat object), it then looked silver and it's flight leveled off until it accelerated straight right over Rockville Pike faster than the eye could follow, from East to West. I never heard a sound (I don't remember any vapor, and the weather was cold), though my car window to be honest was closed. I got the impresssion this craft was very light, it also seemed to be about 4-5' in diameter, did not see any lights or emissions on it. It was overcast with little or no wind, that afternoon we had snow flurries. I have since noticed that there are always balloons up in this area, small commerical ones and party balloons. No one else saw this, and to my frustration my husband emerged with the takeout right after it left!!

I will send drawings soon.

Brian, you must hear lots of reports, since this is what you do. Are these small disks commonly seen objects these days? I am not an expert in this area, much appreciated!!! Also do you have any dependable book recommendations? I don't have time for fluff.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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