December 13th 2004

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Name: Patrick

Location: Marlow, New Hampshire United states of america

Date: 12/13/04 local

Approach Direction: was on departure when noticed

Departure Direction: NNW

Witness Direction: West

Description: I was walking to a local library alone at about 7:23. i looked up into the sky and saw a big flash of light. Then a smaller streak of light came out of it. It had to be speeding at at least 50,000 mph if not faster. it had a distinct shape like the one you would hear from a science fiction novel. 'Like a disc'. It then stopped INSTANTLY. Then it sped off in the same direction and in about .5 - 1.5 seconds it was gone. I then raced to the local library and jumped right unto this computer and wrote down the experience as fast as i could getting the time as i did it. I couldn't beleive it because both my brother AND my mother had both had experiences with this same craft. All the same characteristics.

Color/Shape: greenish - white

Height & Speed: N/A approach. around 10,000 ft and at least 50,000 mph very possible that it was faster.


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