December 13th 2004

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Name: chris

Location: woodworth louisiana

Date: december 13 2004 central time

Approach Direction: from the west

Departure Direction: we did not see it leave

Witness Direction: we were facing due south

Description: it was red green blue yellow but it pulsted to blue a lot we were on a lake you could see the treen line at first we thought it was a star but it moved sideways up down zigzag back and forth it stayed over the same gentral spot it was like it was observing or probing that area it looked like it was on the other side of the lake it was so bright you could see the reflection on the water

Color/Shape: dont know the exact color but it looked like it was triangle or v shaped all we had was binoculars but it had red lights blue somtimes and yellow and green

Height & Speed: dont know exact height it looked liked it was above tree line or on the horizon it approached from the west we thought it was a star at first but made quick moves no aircrafct could do that we do have military bases around here we didnt see it leave we left first going bacxk tonight to see if we see it again


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