December 16th 2004

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Name: On file

Location: Succasunna, NJ, Morris.

Date: 12/16/04 8:30am.

Approach Direction: North to south

Departure Direction: South

Witness Direction: Northwest

Description: I was standing in my dirveway with my children waiting for their school bus. I was looking up at the 5 chemtrails that lined up next to each other north to south. There were an additional 3 more in the process of being laid down in a slightly more North to Southwest direction when I noticed a small white object trailing one of the planes. The planes and the white object were clearly visible against the blue sky backgorund. The 5 original trails had not yet started spreading out.I could not make out any details except the color of the white object and the fact that it was traveling at the same same speed as the planes. It was also leaving a very faint vapor trail which dissipated quickly. It was not a plane. I had three planes visible with which to compare it to. I obvered it trailing one of the planes by about 2 or 3 miles for about 30-60 seconds. The bus pulled up. I looked up maybe 15 seconds later and could no longer see the white object. The planes were still visible leaving their crisscrossing trails as they moved s/w.

Color/Shape: White. Definitly white. Much smaller than the planes which were reflecting silver/white. It was cruising directly alongside one of the new trails being left. I never even would have noticed it if I had not been looking at the trails.It also stood out because it was leaving a slight vapor trail of its own.The sky was clear blue at the time. No cloud cover.

Height & Speed: 50,000+ ft+. It was traveling at the same speed as the plane about 2-3 miles behind it. Its speed was the same as the plane. Same height. Speed unknown.


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