Lakeland, Minnesota

December 17th 2004

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Lakeland, Minnesota

Date: 12/17/04 local Time 3:50am - 4:30am

Approach Direction: Southern Sky

Departure Direction: Moved back and Forth in the Southern Sky

Witness Direction: South

Description: On December 17th, 2004 @ 3:50am I was finishing up my nightly eBay postings in the basement family room, and proceeded to retire to bed upstairs. I looked out the patio doors when I noticed an odd glowing orange colored light in the southern sky.

It was 10 mins later and the object started changing color pulsating between red, green, and blue. This object at random would stop dead in the sky; begin spinning in a circle quickly stop again, and then go like left, right, further away, closer back.

My wife woke up around 4:30am and I started to tell her about it, but stopped because at the time she was having some health issues. I then went to get my night vision but was somewhat unsure about pointing the red beam it gives off to see in the dark and was concerned about becoming noticeable to the object. I thought about calling the Sheriff also? I continued to watch the glimmering light change from red to green to blue and feel asleep in a chair looking out the window at the object, waking up later around sunrise.

I am a former police officer and have a college degree; I have also had 2 other occasions to witness some unexplainable sightings with witnesses. It s funny how your mind tells you that it s nothing, but in your gut you know its something.

It was very clear that night with the temp around 9 degrees.

Color/Shape: Roundish orange changing to pulsating red, green, and blue

Height & Speed: to far to tell

TV/Radio/Press: no


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