Late May/Early June 2004

Name: heath

Location: Milton, WA, Pierce County

Date: I can't say for sure but I think It was late May or Early June

Approach Direction: Didn't see but heard

Departure Direction: faded off to the North west I believe

Witness Direction: head pointed south east

Description: It was some time early in the morning and it was hot and I had the window opened I was awakened to this violent noise that I thought was a plane crashing.

I was in terror and the first thing I thought was that that I would never see my little baby girl again who was sleeping in the other room. This took place over a period of several minutes so there was a lot of time to think, and I was trying to rationalize myself for quite some time debating whether or not to go and get me daughter out of my room and whether or not to wake up my husband.

The hair was raised on my arms and my eyes started to water, I was totally frozen. Just as I said my Husbands name, (he is a very heavy sleeper) he kind of jumped to look out the window, I whispered to him what is that?

The sound had changed quite a few times from what was sounding like a distressed plane flying like right over us so loud the windows were shaking, to-and I swear this is true-that classic UFO noise that has been depicted throughout Hollywood. It was when I heard that, that my view started to change and I was just thinking, this cannot be real, it just cannot. Again, I thought I had better go grab my daughter because I really thought she was going to be abducted or something. I have always been skeptical of UFO's etc. but now I don't know what to think. The sounds didn't stop alltogether they kind of faded off. There were noises that sounded like screeching metal, I mean it was all so bazaar because it was like it was one sound after another. I honestly don't know that I ever felt as close to Chaos as I did at that moment.

Later that month I was having a conversation with our neighbors and we lived in an apartment at the time and they looked at eachother like they thought I was crazy when I asked them if they had heard anything. They were right below us and they also slept with their window open. I never heard anything from any of our other neighbors and so I am just shocked because it was Soooooo Loud, I have really never heard anything that loud before Ever.

I guess I am just trying to figure out if there was anyone else to hear it around that time because it definately is something I will never forget.

Any help would be great because I definately think of it time to time especially when I see UFO shows on Discovery.

Thanks a Bunch:)

TV/Radio/Press: I would love to know if it had been.


UFOINFO http://www.ufoinfo.com/sightings/usa/04mayjune.shtml