Finger Lakes Region, New York State

Various dates 2005

Finger Lakes Region, New York State UFOs

HBCC UFO Research Note: I am planning to give the lady a call and find out what else she has been or gone through as she tells me there has been a fair bit and hard to put into an email. Also I have heard from numerous folks who have told me they have personally witnessed very unusual crafts, lights, circles in some of the fields, etc.. in the Finger Lakes Region. If anyone out there has had an experience, no matter if it comes from years ago or taking place now, I would really appreciate hearing from you and about what has taken place. Thank you, Brian - Director HBCC UFO Research.

Hello Brian!

I have just recently allowed myself to start discussing these things openly, so I don't know how well I can do via e-mail - I will try my best.

Most recently, I have seen strange things here over Seneca Lake. I moved here about 4 months ago, and I believe that there is a fair amount of activity here. I have witnessed two different things. The most recent was the multi colored flashing craft that I saw from my front yard. I watched it for well over 40 minutes, it was hovering over the national forest. This was about 2 weeks ago. (November 2005)

The other sighting here was my first week in my new house. I was standing in my front yard with a friend, and he pointed straight up into the sky. What I say was cigar shaped, and very large. It seemed low, but I heard no noise. It was moving north, the bottom of it had white lights all around it. We watched it until we could no longer see it.

I have had some other experiences in this area, but not on the lake. I am actually very happy that you responded to my email so quickly. In the last 2 weeks, I have begun to put a few things together, and I don't know what to do about it.

In the countryside near Corning, NY (about 20 miles from Seneca Lake) I rented a small house in Hornby, NY. My family is from the area, and my mother still lives there. I was asleep one night and woke up, laying still, I looked around to see what awakened me. I felt nervous, my daughter was asleep in her room, and I didn't want to get up. All of a sudden, there was a very bright light coming in from my kitchen door window. It seemed to flood the house. The light moved, from that window around the house to the windows over the sink, until it was pouring in every window. This seems to have happened very quickly. All I remember was thinking, oh - that is what woke me up. I have no other memory of it at all.

I told my mother about it, and she told me that as far back as she could remember, her mom (my grandmother) used to sit in their farmhouse living-room (atop a very high hill) and watch the sky for "the lights".

What else, the scarier things. About 6 years ago, I lived in Cape Coral, Florida. I was asleep in my house that I shared with my boyfriend there. I woke up abruptly to him on top of me. Long story short, his voice wasn't his. He kept saying "do not fight" and trying to have intercourse with me. I finally was able to push him off me, and he rolled over apparently asleep. Obviously, I was very disturbed.

The next morning, I was at work confiding this to a friend. A co-worker came in and asked us if we has seen the "lights". Apparently, on the night in question there were numerous sightings over the canals in our town. Our house backed up to one of these canals. It was all over the radio news that morning, and on the TV that night. My boyfriend had absolutely no recollection of the event, and was himself disturbed at my experience.

What else can I tell you? These are the major things. I also have had some rather serious experiences of the more ghostly paranormal kind. I am not sure if that is at all in your realm. If you would prefer to speak over that phone, just let me know.

I also would like to say that I am a professional person, and I am no longer able to keep these things penned up inside. I want to try to get it all out in the open and maybe help someone.

Please do be in touch. Sincerely.

Thank you so much to the lady for sharing some of her experiences. I will be talking to her on the phone about all of this shortly.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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