January 2005
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The Finger Lakes Region, New York State Circle In The Field

Date: January 2005


I wanted to tell you after seeing this article (Argentina - Strange Circles On Grass Runway located at: http://www.rense.com/general63/grass.htm) I remember last month during a thaw I noticed dark green rings in my field also. I made a mental note (so much for not writing it down) to investigate but it snowed again after and since. When the snow melts I'm going to take a picture of what I have. My alfalfa field was mowed short in the Fall as I do every year when we bail the hay up. The distinct rings were noticed after the Fall freeze when the alfalfa stubble turns brown. My estimate is the ring is about 15-20 ft. in diameter with a ring thickness of 4 feet, having an undisturbed normal brown center like the rest of the field. I have never applied any chemicals or fertilizer on this field. Because of my agent orange exposure I cannot tolerate chemicals, not even room deodorizers. I'm now looking forward to Spring even more now.

Additional Information:

Hi Brian, I spotted the dark green circle during a warm-up in January. I'll see if I can come up with the date, I have a friend in Baltimore who is a weatherman who keeps track of stuff like that. I know I sent you tidbits over the months about experiences and should have remembered the circle. In my location we have seen columns of orange shafts of light emanating from the woods near the house and coincidently near the area of the circle. The beams pointed straight up (or down) but nothing else was seen overhead at the time. Did I tell you about the day before Thanksgiving 4 years ago when we were pulling up to the house from shopping and a silver ball about 3 feet in diameter was about 3 feet above the center of our house above the roof?

When we came in the house it smelled like ozone, or arcing electrical wires etc. The smell was strong and even though we didn't see anyone in the house we felt like we were not alone as it felt like we were being watched. The heavy feeling of having our space violated bothered us. The ball stayed in sight as it moved off the house as we watched from the driveway. As it sped up it seemed to "fade" as it must have been changing dimensions or whatever. It was still in full view as it moved off, the image of the ball went from solid to nothing or invisible. If you recall I sent you a picture of my wife sitting on the corral fence and a UFO was off in the distance. I think there is much activity here all the time.

The day of July 4th 3 years ago we had a disc swoop across the path of our car perpendicular to the road, crossing from our left to our right. It was really low, at eye level and it had lights of orange, red, green on the outer edge of it. It didn't disturb the operating of the car nor did we feel any wind from it's passing. It was only about 20 feet ahead of us as it zipped in front of the car. It bothered my wife so bad we had to avoid that road for almost a year as it reminded her of the event. The damned thing was at eye level. It hugged the gentle terrain following the rise of the hill after it passed across the road.

Thank you to the witness for the report.

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Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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