January 5th 2005

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Wayne M. Baker

Location: 1/4 mile S. of S.R.52 on Little Rd., Hudson, Florida, USA

Date: Approx. 6:30 PM, 01/05/04, E.D.T.

Approach Direction: Object was hovering above Little Rd. without movement, except for the flashing light at the bottom of the spaceship.

Departure Direction: Only hovered above Little Rd, about the distant a bow could shoot accurately.

Witness Direction: Directly up

Description: I was driving home from my office and it was dark already, when I was about 1 mile south of S.R. 52, when I noticed a plane or helicopter with 4 bright light surrounding it, and the fourth one under it flashing brighly. From the distance it appeared as if the "plane" had its landing lights on. When I came closer I realized it wasn't shaped like a plane or helicopter, but was much larger than any plane, and circular shaped. When I was directely under it, I noted that is was not very high up at all, so I could see into it clearly, as it was vertical instead of horizontal. I saw a brightly lit yellow hallway which went all the way around the craft. It was so close that it seemed as if it was going to land right there on Little Rd., but as I drove east onto S.R.52, it didn't follow me, but stayed in place above the road. I continued on, and when I reached home, immediately e-mailed Channel 8, WFLA, and asked if anyone else had reported seeing this craft, as I could not imagine how anyone could have missed it, it was so low. I am waiting for WFLA's reply to date.

Color/Shape: Huge, 2-3 time the size of a Boeing 747, Cirular with possibly a U-shaped attachment above the circular portion.

Height & Speed: I could have shot it with a cheap bow it was so low. It only hovered above the road, with no noice I could discern with my car window closed

TV/Radio/Press: I haven't found any report of it yet.


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