January 11th 2005

Portland, Oregon Two Bright Objects Filmed

Date: January 11, 2005
Time: 7:35 a.m.


Driving to work in Portland, OR on 1/11/2005 at 7:35 am I saw two bright objects just above the eastern horizon. They were much brighter at first before they sank into the distant haze that you see in the pictures.

However, I could not photograph them at first sight due to being on the freeway at A.M. rush hour.

The first picture PICT8356.JPG was a very lucky shot, even though the camera autofocused on the shrubs in the foreground, you can still see a greenish caste to the objects. Seems like I have reported green objects to you before.

The day was just dawning and was nearly cloudless. Very rare to see the blue sky anymore.

The objects were moving to the east away from me, how fast I cannot say. They held in view for about nine minutes, so could not have been moving too fast.

The 40x zoomed in picture 8369 shows a 4 lobed structure in or around the object. This is the brighter of the two, or upper one.

Files I send are full size with text added. I think the objects were very far away, several miles at least, therefore very large.

The dark object in Pict8362 & -63 seems to have a halo around it as well and is similarly sized to the brights.

Thank you to the witness for sending in the report and photos.

Oregon City, Oregon Witness Confirms Sighting

Date: January 11, 2005
Time: Approximately 7:35 a.m.

Just wanted to confirm the Portland Oregon area sighting of 1/11/05.

Was driving to work and just before reaching the parking lot I noticed the two objects in the eastern sky. My location was in Oregon City, Oregon, about where the Clackamas and Willamete rivers converge. Time was approximately 7:35 AM.

Pulled into the parking lot and observed what ever it was for a few minutes. Two things that I observed that are slightly different than the photos you have. From where we ( my fiancée was with me and saw it too) were watching, the higher of the 2 objects was more of a streak, not as round as the lower object. The lower object was moving slowly in a S/SE direction, while the upper object didn't appear to be moving at all. To us the objects seemed the wrong color and too large to be reflections of sunlight off of an aircraft.

Hope this helps.

Thank you to the witness for his report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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