January 25th 2005

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Name: D.L. Green, D.O.

Location: Carpinteria, Santa Barbara, California, USA

Date: 01/22/05, approximately 3:00 am

Approach Direction: Fixed in southwest part of sky.

Departure Direction: Sudden flash-out, no way of telling direction.

Witness Direction: Southwest toward ocean.

Description: I took a home video of this object, but I am new to some of this technology so I need help (I think) to download an image to you. Singular, bright light, moved haphazardly and jerkily in sky, I woke my husband up to confirm. He agreed. The video camera was on a stationary tripod to insure no external motion was induced. Watched movement for about five minutes, then object blinked out.

Color/Shape: Singular bright light apparently rotating in sky, changing color from bright white to green and back. Changing shape from pinpoint to large sphere and then back. Occasionally, shifting in sky in an apparently triangular pattern with sudden sideways jumps.

Height & Speed: Unable to assess, possibly at private or commercial aircraft height.

TV/Radio/Press: Don't think so. Came here to see if anyone else reported this. Getting used to camera use, so thought I would try to capture this on a whim. Can you tell me what it is? Satellite?


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