February 6th 2005

Balsam Grove, North Carolina Man Films An Unknown

HBCC UFO Research Note: There is more footage and all of it is interesting to view. I have placed a couple of clips to the site and eventually will post a couple more.

Ok Brian.... over my first coffee I nailed this together. This is a compilation of just about everything ever written in regard to my dvd.....



Since Oct. 04, I have been regularly observing a night sky anomaly where I can see a brightly flashing object clearly crossing the horizon through my Sony Digital Camcorder's nighshot, but cannot see it with the naked eye. Thinking it must be a satellite broadcasting (something) in the IR range, I didn't pay much attention.- then at the urging of an acquaintance (Bill Lee of Alpha Labs), I attempted filming it. Well, it didn't disappoint, and put in an appearance for me back around Feb 6th, a couple of weeks ago - setting off my Trifield meter (AC version).

Soon after my "object" came and went, it was followed by a smaller, dimmer orb-like object that was located in the nearby tree tops. On a whim, while filming, I "asked" it to come down and be filmed. I didn't expect anything, but went ahead and strolled out into the woods repeating and explaining what I wanted to do.

My setup is such that I can stand outside and film and watch what the camera sees on my television set if I leave the door open. When I returned to the camera I couldn't believe it. Not only did the orb come down out of the trees, but it did precisely what I had asked it to - approached very slowly, so my super nightshot could record it accurately, to approach from where I had originally been standing, and then to come directly to me.

What I have is a video of a brilliantly illuminated orb, somewhat smaller than a tennis ball that for all practical purposes is interacting with a human. It slowly approaches me from an initial distance of perhaps 40 feet. All was well until I turned a flashlight on it - which agitated it and resulted in it swiftly departing. The temperature that night was 23 deg F and no bugs were in evidence (also, an earlier experiment with bugs virtually eliminated their possibility) - besides, with the flashlight I could clearly discern that the object was not visible to the naked eye - and in the video you can see that as it is illuminated with the incandescent flashlight, it becomes transparent to the IR light - though you can still see it, somewhat.

All joking aside, this is the best "orb" clip I have ever seen. At the end, I was filming it from 5 feet away and if I'd had my wits about me, I could have probably touched it, as it was being very agreeable. It's a pity that I was too surprised to keep my wits about me better than I did. Obviously, I need to so see if I can do this again - without the flashlight; and the next logical step (assuming success, that is), is to try to demonstrate "intelligence". If I succeed, the plan will be to see if I can get it to respond to simple questions: "if you can understand me, move up and down" - as a for instance.

I've compiled a small load of video to dvd - including this piece which I'll be sending to Brian Irish (LEMUR's videographer)first thing Monday morning - along with the original footage captured from my VCR. I'm sure that once he sees it, he'll report his impressions here for us. I for one, would love to get his take on it - since I've certainly never seen anything like it before.

For those of you who recall me rambling on about "sky snakes" last summer, we might get to see what Brian has to say now .... since I have extensive video footage of them on the dvd that is much clearer and shows their movement in great detail.

The "bug" experiment I mentioned was pretty simple. Since the daytime temps here are usually pretty clement, I made it a point to collect up several varieties of flies, moths, spiders, and bought a few crickets at a pet store. These I kept in the house until the night temps dropped to the low 20's again - to duplicate the conditions I was filming under. Upon bringing them outside into 27 degF temps, all of them became 100% dormant within minutes, and the flies simply didn't fly at all when released - even with the couple that I released almost immediately. Sometime soon I'll seek further verification from an entomologist - maybe Charles can recommend someone at the college where he works ?? I'd like to hear the official "bugs vs. temps" facts. Personally, especially in the case of the "orb" coming down, I cannot accept the possibility of it being a bug - the thing was right in front of me and hardly moving at all. Even a mosquito would have been highly visible - and there was nothing.

Anyway, this is what I've been to of late, and surely is going to be how I'll be occupying myself in the near future...lol. Just thought I should let all of you know what's been going on in the wee hours around here :-).



I've learned the (very) hard way to try to postpone excitement - almost to the point of tears...lol. Before I get too fired up I want to hear what an entomologist has to say.... I say, "no bugs" and "I can see it on film, but not with the naked eye". Unfortunately, it just isn't that simple; and as long as "bugs" are even a remote possibility, there are going to be difficulties.



I've been offline for a few days - but when I got back, I found that I'd had at least SOME replies while I was "down". Here's what's come in so far. Looks like I'll be writing more emails soon.

Here's the letter I sent out to 8 entomologists at NCU:

While running some video late at night, in some fairly cold weather, I managed to record some very strange anomalies while working with an infrared light source. I could really use some help here, and your opinion would be a great place for me to start.

My specific question is: In temperatures ranging from 23 - 27 deg F, that have been in effect for 6-10 hours, at an altitude of 2,400 ft., is it possible or even likely that indigenous flying insects would be in evidence, and at large, during the hours of 10pm to 7am ? I am located in western North Carolina, within the boundaries of Pisgah National Forest.

Thank you for taking the time to read this ! I am looking forward to your reply, or lacking that, could you please refer me to someone who may be able to shed some light on this for me ?


Here are the two replies (so far):

Dear Michael,

I'm not aware of any insects that fly at temperatures below freezing. Considering they are cold-blooded organisms, it would be difficult to imagine anything active at that temperature. But there may be something out there I'm not aware of. I suggest that you contact Dave Sthepan, who is the insect diagnostician in our department on the main campus in Raleigh.

Good Luck,
Jim Walgenbach


Are you sure they were insects? If they were insects, were they alive? What type of insect? Can you collect them for identification? Insects and spiders are blown about for long distances by the winds and this is one method by which they disperse and migrate. I am not sure if this is what you noticed but it is possible. It is also possible that they were blown from local trees, etc. Best, Mike Roe


#4 (From Brian Irish - Lemur's videographer)

Hi all,

From Michael's video, there are two compelling segments. The first one shows a small point of light that comes down and into frame of the video. It slowly meanders off back into the woods. The slow, hovering and deliberate movement that the object made would almost certainly rule out a majority of the insect population in my opinion. The second segment showed where Michael stood about 40 feet in front of the camera and appears to be talking/communicating (explaining about how the camera works and where he wanted the anomaly to come down to so that it could be videotaped) in the scene. After he steps away out of camera sight, it's not long before the light anomaly reappears, hovering and coming closer towards the camera while Michael shone his flashlight at it. Whatever it was didn't seem to be disturbed by it at first but could be seen slowly descending towards the ground after that and then disappearing. Trust me folks, I've seen bug video ad nauseum and in the early days had plenty of my own but I also captured an anomaly like his that had the same behaviors/movements. A floating, hovering action. Two things that come to mind may be 1, a dragon fly, or 2, a humming bird. Again, I know that the temperatures were cold and not sure how these 2 creatures would/could act in those extremes. BUT, the stickler with those are posed again when it [i]appears [i] that there is some form of possible interaction.

To conclusively say that, "yes" that is a ghost/entity would be reckless on my part. What I can say is that it is consistent with anomalies that have been found and captured at haunted locations. Another thing to do is gather as much information and substantiating proof about what you are capturing. Did you try audio recording at the time and ask some simple questions to listen for EVP, were there any EMF readings that were anomalous during the encounter?

It's a great piece of video, I've only seen mine and Michael's over the past 5 1/2 years that I've been seriously investigating with the same characteristics.

I personally try not to shoot video outside so that I don't have to struggle as much with the insect issue (is it or is it not,etc...)

Kind Regards,
Brian Irish
Digital Imaging Specialist and videographer


Hope this helps ya Brian !!

All photos and video footage is © 2005 Michael B

HBCC UFO Research Note: Also when viewing the video clips, please use your brightness feature on your video player. You will be able to have a good look at what the witnesses were seeing.

Video clip #1 - Balsam Grove, North Carolina Man Films An Unknown - Video 4.23 mbs

Below two photos have been lightened up (from above two photos) which gives a better look at the unknown.

Video clip #2 - Balsam Grove, North Carolina Man Films An Unknown - Video 12.6 mbs

Below are the photos for the second video clip: I left a number as is, and again lightened them up as well. I have alternated with the darker photo then the light photo to match

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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