Syracuse, New York

February 7th 2005

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Name: Jackie K.

Location: Syracuse, NY United States of America Spotted just at treetop level while I was out for a walk with my sister spotted in an area that is close to downtown Syracu

Date: Monday, 10:00 P.M local time 02/07/05

Approach Direction: coming from the East

Departure Direction: went West

Witness Direction: facing East

Description: I saw a large, disc-shaped object while I was on a walk on my street with my sister. We were looking towards a large parking lot which is towards the end of our street when we noticed this very large craft, which was low in the sky. At first we thought it was a large airplane. It was moving very slowly, had very bright lights on it, and was very long. It was at treetop level, and was staying on a steady course. It then disappeared behind a building near the street corner, so we ran down the sidewalk to see where it was going. By now, I could see that there were no visible wings or tail on this craft. At this time, the object came to a stop, hovered, and lights around the middle of the object were revolving at the same time. It then lowered quite a bit, at an angle, and disappeared below the trees and houses and now it is out of sight. I was absolutely shocked, I couldn't believe what I had just seen, and my sister couldn't believe it either. She ran home to get my binoculars, as I am an avid birdwatcher and stargazer. I stayed at the spot of the sighting to see if I could see anything else. I didn't observe any other activity. As she returned with the binoculars, we walked down to a park where we thought it may have landed, but we did not have any luck and we were both disappointed but very excited over what we had seen. It didn't seem to make any sound, but we were a distance from it. I would estimate that we were 2-3 blocks away from it, but it was gigantic to me, at least 3 average-sized airplanes long.

Color/Shape: Couldn't definitely make out the actual shape of the object, but it appeared to be disc- shaped, very large, long and luminous, with several rotating lights around its center, with were more active when the object appeared to land or descend Could not hear any noise.

Height & Speed: Height- it was at treetop level, I would estimate it was 40 ft. above the ground, maybe lower. The speed of the object was around 10-15 miles per hour when it was approaching. I would say it landed a bit faster than 10-15 miles per hour.


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