LOS OSOS vicinity

February 9th 2005

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Morro Bay / Los Osos vicinity, California, USA

Date: 8:30 - 9:00 p.m., Wednesday, February 9, 2005, PST

Approach Direction: northeast from my position, on first sighting

Departure Direction: west, then northwest

Witness Direction: north and northeast

Description: I was returning to Montana de Oro campground. As I entered the campground in my car, I sighted a semi-octagonal arrangement of bright white lights hanging in the sky, unmoving, northeast of the campground. Within the circumference of the shape there were two larger and more brilliant lights: one red, one blue, and each seeming to be round in shape. I estimated that they were 5 to 10 miles away from me. The red and blue lights moved freely and erratically. They regularly changed speed and direction, and in a manner that was entirely unnatural.

My car rounded a bend and I lost sight of the spectacle. As I parked my car and started up a campfire, I thought over what I had seen and dismissed it as some sort of celebratory event that most likely involved helicopters with searchlights.

However, less than ten minutes later, the blue and red lights appeared again, this over the horizon of the low hills directly north of the campground. They appeared to be closer now maybe two to five miles out (that is, they were either nearer, or else bigger than before: meaning, that their observable size had increased in one way or the other, or both).

They were now visible not as lights, but as uniformly luminescent and round-ish objects with exteriors featuring several types of light sources: twirling, flashing, and steady directional lights. Either the objects themselves, or their exterior lights, gyrated, twirled, and changed shape frenetically.

The objects danced about. There was no discernible pattern to their movement. They would alternately revolved around each other, separate and move in different directions, hang still, etc. At least four times, the blue ball moved nearer to the campground, shining a very powerful and concentrated beam in my direction (and, sending a chill up my spine). The campground lit up with blue-white light each time this happened, but the diameter of the beam, where it hit the campground, was only about 60 feet.

The display, as seen from my position, lasted for about ten minutes, until both objects dipped beneath the horizon and did not re-emerge.

I searched the sky for a few more minutes, but the objects did not reappear.

I took an empty water bottle and started walking north, to the water tank in the campground. A bright red star to the south-northwest caught the corner of my left eye. I stopped walking and examined the star, because its brilliance and heft of color were very unusual. I examined the star for probably about 30 seconds before considering that the red star might be the red object I had been observing earlier. I stood and examined the object for at least a good two or three minutes, during which time it did not appear to move in fact, it stood still enough that I was convinced it was a star: the night sky was after all quite brilliant with stars on this particular evening.

Note: As I tried to ascertain if the star was the red object observed earlier, I compared the star s size with that of the red object. Supposing that my earlier estimations of the distance between the red and blue objects, and me, were correct, and supposing that the red object had not grown smaller rather than more distant, then if the red star was in fact the object, its apparent size at this point would have place it 10 to 15 miles from me, over the ocean.

I filled my water bottle at the tank. As I was returning to my camp site, the red star now caught the corner of my right eye, and I turned to see that it was now moving east, or northeast. It moved in a straight line for a few seconds, then bobbed, made small loops, and made other small changes in velocity. The progress of the object took it out of my sight, past the horizon of nearby trees, after about a minute of generally easterly movement.

Color/Shape: Only general roundness could be seen from my position. Also discernible were at least three types of light sources: directional; circumferentially banded (with "beads" of swirling lights moving about the shifting circumference in a linear fashion); and individual circular areas with internally liquid-like swirls of light.

Height & Speed: : I can't make a confident guess about speed. In general, the red and blue objects seemed to move languidly sometimes whimsically. However, the red object did apparently move somewhat swiftly from its original position, to its position over the ocean.

TV/Radio/Press: I have not been able to find any other reports of this sighting. However, I can't imagine that I was the only one to see it. The apparitions would have been high enough and close enough to the town of Los Osos, that some sightings would have been inevitable.

Updated and Corrected Information:

Description: This is a follow-up to the submission I made last week, reporting a sighting in the Los Osos / Morro Bay area of the California Central Coast.

As earlier reported, the sighting took place in an unlit, isolated area, during the dark of night. I had not previously been in the area during daylight hours, and so I suppose that my unfamiliarity with the terrain, in conjunction with the unusualness of the event, led me to grossly (and somewhat embarrassingly) miscalculate the value of my personal distance from the phenomena. Subsequent examination of the terrain, during daytime, has informed me better.

Here are the corrections I would like to submit:

1)     The ridged, hilly area where the objects first appeared, and also where they hovered and maneuvered during the sighting, was not 5 to 10 miles from where I stood. A more accurate estimate is (at the very most) one to two miles away, and possibly less than one mile.
2)     The objects were therefore not as large as I had taken them to be.
3)     The red object did not move 10 to 15 miles out over the ocean, but more likely three or four miles, at most.
4)     The low flight pattern of the objects, with respect to the height of the hills surrounding the area of the sighting, would have prevented anyone in the closest residential areas from seeing the objects.

After I made a point of returning to the scene during daylight hours, in order to check my estimates, I was quite surprised to discover that I d miscalculated so greatly. However, the revisions make sense, especially since it would be hard to believe that I could have perceived the exterior details of the objects, with such clarity, had they been as far away as I d originally estimated.

Height & Speed: The same as earlier reported, with the exception that the velocity of the red object, as it moved to its position, over the ocean, would not have had to be as great as originally estimated.

[My thanks to the witness for taking the time to send the updated information - John @ UFOINFO]


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