February 15th 2005

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Killeen texas. USA.

Date: Tuesday morning. 2-15-2005 6:05 a.m. CST

Approach Direction: coming from the west.

Departure Direction: zig zagging then gone-in mid air going east.

Witness Direction: I was facing the west.

Description: Ihad been up for a few short minutes making my tea. I started to fill up the pitcher with water and looked out at the sky as it was still dark at this time and i saw what i thought was a full moon at the top of some trees but then saw this bright object move and away from the tree's and it zig-zagged and then disappeard into thin air right before my eyes!

Color/Shape: White and round and very bright.

Height & Speed: a few miles up above the city. It was moving probably about 30-40 mph.

Follow-up Report from Brian Vike:

Hi Mr. Vike,

Just got your e-mail today and I would be happy to give more information on this. I was in my backyard having a cigarette when I noticed something in the sky. It was a very overcast night and the city lights illuminated the clouds pretty well that night. I was facing east and the object came out of the southwest and was out in front of me at about a 90 degree angle. The object was just above the ceiling of clouds and I could make out the shape of a triangle moving through the clouds. There was no noise and no lights that I could see but I could see the shape very distinctly because of the lights from the city.

The object continued on a northeast path moving at a high rate of speed. How fast, I'm not sure, but the whole event took about three seconds, so it was moving good. It flew in a straight line, no deviation, again, that I could see. The trees around my house have no leaves on them so I could see the whole sky pretty well. I tracked it until it was out of sight.

There were no animals in the vicinity (pets). There is an airport about 5 to 10 miles west of Aurora, but this was too big for prop engine aircraft and private jets, which is all that use the airport. I'd have to say this object was bigger than a commercial airliner and was flying at about 300 to 500 ft off the ground. Very low as the cloud cover was low that night also. The distance it covered from when I first saw it till I couldn't must be about 1 mile. As for the speed, all I know was it was fast. If I had to guess, I'd say 300 to 400 mph. Also, I would like to add that I just saw a 20\20 news report on a UFO in southern Illinois that happened over the weekend. 6 police officers witnessed it.

Thanks for your time in considering this. I'm 99% sure of what I saw, but it happened so fast that you doubt yourself a few days later. I even told my wife about it that night. Thanks again Mr. Vike and good luck in your searches. I for one would like to hear the truth in these matters.

[UFOINFO thanks Brian Vike & HBCC UFO Research for the follow-up.]


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