February 20th 2005

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Name: Tara

Location: NY Thruway, between Monroe exit and rest stop going south. About 10 miles from end of Thruway.

Date: feb. 20, 2005 2/20/05 11pm est

Approach Direction: stationary

Departure Direction: didn't see

Witness Direction: right

Description: Driving south on NY Thruway 2/20/05 11pm during snowstorm. We were driving very slow (approx 35mph) due to the heavy snow, I noticed bright lights to my right...looked up and saw a black triangle shaped object with 3 very bright lights, one on each corner. It seemed to be hovering and stationary right above tree tops. I heard no noise, though my window was closed and watched it as long as I could....as we passed the area, my line of view was blocked by trees. I'd estimate it was about 100 ft back from road, and about 50 ft in the air....It seemed strange that it was so close to the road and the tree tops.

Color/Shape: Black triangle shape, bright white lights on each corner, very flat, and quiet, approx. 50 ft wide.

Height & Speed: n/a as I only saw it hovering in one spot above trees.

TV/Radio/Press: not that I'm aware of.


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