San Antonio, Texas

March 2005?

San Antonio, Texas A Number Of Unusual Craft

Date: March 2005 ?
Time: Evening

Brian, This event happened about March of this year. I can't remember the exact date that it happened.

It all started with my husband coming home from work and he said that a co-worker commented that he saw a fixed wing plane hovering over his house early in the morning before he left for work and had never seen anything like it before.

Well a few days later my husband, daughter, and mother were at a neighborhood restaurant having dinner. When we were getting ready to leave my daughter mentioned that she had to go to the grocery store and so my husband said that since we went in two cars he would take my mother home and my daughter and I went off to the local HEB.

Anyway, we were pulling into the parking lot and I mentioned to my daughter that there was a police helicopter with it's search light on looking for someone in the ravine behind the HEB. The sun was just beginning to go down. We don't happen to live in the best neighborhood in the city of San Antonio, Texas and so we see police helicopters on occasion.

Well, my daughter commented that what we were looking at was not a helicopter. Well, it seemed to be a helicopter because it was hovering. My daughter got out of the car and went into the store. It took her less than 10 minutes to return to the car. I continued to watch this thing the entire time. Then when we were getting ready to leave this thing did a 45 degree turn to the right and proceeded to fly over us, extremely slow. I am not very good with distance so I tried to figure it by the length of a football field. I asked my daughter if she thought it was a football field away in the air and she said no probably 1/2 football field which would make that about 50 yards up. It was also silent. It didn't make any noise. It looked like a regular passenger jet but it was solid white, the fuselage was quite a bit more narrow than the standard passenger jet. I really didn't notice any markings but I really didn't look at the detail because I was just more stunned that it was so low and so quiet.

Anyway, I picked up my cell phone and called my husband right away. When he picked up and answered ... he knew it was me... he said "YOU SEE IT TOO". I said what are you talking about, you mean you see this white plane. He said one was hovering over our block.

Okay, I was really getting freaked out at this point because the grocery store is about 14 blocks from my house. My husband and my mother were watching the one hovering over our street.

Well, I decided that my daughter and I were going to drive around and follow this thing as it moved slowly around the neighborhood. When we finally lost sight of it and turned to go home we noticed 4 of these things just hovering at different levels in the sky over our neighborhood.

Then a little while later they disappeared. Now I called radio stations, TV stations and even the airport and they all thought I was crazy. But 4 of us saw these things.

It is really weird that other people in the parking lot weren't looking up and now I wish I had yelled out to people to look up because it was the strangest thing I have ever seen.

My husband has talked to a few more people that have claimed to have seen them. He said he heard that the military is working on a new hovercraft of some sort.

Anyway, I have tried to find a picture on the internet with no luck.

Would you have any idea what this could have been?

Thank you to the witness for the most interesting report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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