March 1st 2005

Sumner, Washington Four Lights Hover In A Circle Around Object

Date: March 1, 2005
Time: 8:05 p.m.

Upstairs looking out my bathroom window, warm evening, scattered, thin clouds that you can see through in the dark-otherwise the night sky was clear in spots. Looking to my left towards town, lots of airplanes in the flight path, one right after another~probably 3 heading towards Sea-Tac International Airport. I look to the right after hearing someone talking kind of loud and excited. I see 2 lights in the sky very low and bright. As I lean out my window to get a better look, suddenly I see 3 more, they're spaced as if in a circle around 1 different looking thing. I figured the 4 positioned around the center light must be those low flying 'planes' (that hardly make any noise at all).

All of them seemed to hover including the center one. They weren't very high in the sky either, lower than planes fly (by the way, they weren't in or near the flight paths) and I'm not hearing anything other than cars going by and loud voices. My binoculars are old and they don’t get real clear images but the center light especially should’ve been easy to see if I had good binoculars! Anyway, they all sit there for about 3 or 4 minutes and then the center one starts heading to the left. At this point the lights on it looked as though it could be a saucer shape 2 big white lights with a thin blue light behind them with 2 other smaller lights next to the big ones but spread out a little. When it leaned to its right to leave, it got very, very bright. Once accelerating in that direction, it looked like 2 round sections-one on top of the other - one light white and the other a pinkish purple but very soft. I believe they were flashing as it came by pretty close, maybe a couple of blocks away heading towards Edgewood sort of diagonally. Half way there it began jerking back and forth very quickly maybe 3 times and then continued on.

After it got by the Yeast Plant it then looked like it was made up of 4 sections that were staggered and they were all a goldish-white almost amber. Turned to look at the other 5 lights and one was already moving in the same direction but was closer to me. It too got very bright as it banked to follow the other one. As it went by, it looked to me like a Thunderbird design. Can't really explain it that well but could draw it. I didn't think about watching the others, not sure if they were still there but wanted to call someone to see if other people had called it in. I figured there were a lot of calls, it being early evening and all the cars I heard go by and the voices I heard must've been watching them too but the officer sounded surprised when I asked him if anyone had called in about them. He said nobody else had called other than me! That really surprises me - I don't know what they were but I really got the feeling at first when I seen this, was that they're actually letting themselves be known.

There has been so many things happening around here for months that we can't explain. I don't know if this really covers everything I watched because I am so excited and needed to get this written quickly for future reference. One more thing that has been happening around here for maybe 3 or 4 months, we hear loud popping noises kind of like it sounds if you live close to a military base practicing, sounds like artillery. But we're too far away to be hearing that, never heard it before and it's at all different times of day and sometimes night, like right now (21:05). They stopped for about 2 weeks recently but started again on Sunday.

Thank you to the person for the interesting report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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