March 6th 2005

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Lakeside, CA, USA

Date: 3/6/05, 2:00 A.M. local time 3/6/05, approx. 2:35 A.M. local time

Approach Direction: South East

Departure Direction: South West

Witness Direction: South West

Description: A large bright orange egg-shaped aircraft (appeared to be a commercial airliner approcahing Gillespie Field fully engulfed in flames), stopped and split into three smaller aircraft that flew in a synchronized motion firing off what appeared to be tracers, joined back together approximately 10-15 minutes later forming a triangle shape and flew slowly to the South West. There was a Lakeside Fire Dept. truck parked across the street and the firemen were watching it the same time as myself and my son. Approximately a half hour later, the bright orange aircraft flew from the South East direction at an extremely high rate of speed at a lower altitude and stopped directly in front of me, then slowly flew off into the South West direction again.

Color/Shape: Orange, egg shaped, triangle shaped aircraft that was totally silent.

Height & Speed: Approximately the height that an approaching commercial airliner would be at in a landing pattern for Gillespie Field or the San Diego Airport. The speed of the aircraft was faster than the aircraft fly from Miramar; undeterminable.

TV/Radio/Press: I called channel 9 News several times, spoke with a newsperson and their photographer. Lakeside Fire Dept. told the news station that it was a balloon that had gotten away, and offered no other explanation. Channel 9 News dialed 911 and gave the dispatcher my name, address and phone number. The woman that I spoke with said that she would call me back and didn't. A Lakeside fire dept. truck was dispatched and arrived after the aircraft had flown away. I haven't heard any reports on the t.v. or radio.

[Note: I delayed adding this report to the site in the hope that more information would be forthcoming - John @ UFOINFO.]


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