March 8th 2005

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Las Cruces, New Mexico

Date: 03/08/05

Approach Direction: From N

Departure Direction: To S

Witness Direction: WNW

This morning I stepped out our front door about five minutes before seven, all "bright-eyed and bushy-tailed" after a good night's sleep, to face a cloudless sky and bright early sunlight. I was wearing my prescription sun glasses that give me, now, about 20/40 distance vision. I was facing a bit north of west, probably WNW, when my eye was distracted by movement in the sky.

What I saw was a round object, dark brown but not solid, perhaps with darker ridges on its exterior, but definitely not with a smooth surface such as a balloon's, moving from my right to left, i.e., approximately N-S, at a low altitude. It moved smoothly and I could not associate any sound with its movement -- no jet engine sound, whirring propeller, or even (!) flapping wings. It did not seem to be rotating. There were two or three brief flashes of light which I supposed to be reflections of the bright sun off glass or some polished surface. I watched as it moved away, fairly rapidly -- out of (my unaided) sight in less than 60 seconds, I surmise. I did not think to clock it by my watch, and surely did not have time to find our field glasses. I had no feeling of fear, no sense of any emanations -- just curiosity, and wonder at what the thing was.

Having nothing in the sky by which to judge the object's size, and not being a professional observer or estimator of distances such as an artillery-man, my guesses as to the object's size and elevation can only be that. For size I guess 8 to 15 feet in diameter. For distance I will guess 1000 feet (2/10 mile) horizontal distance, and 1000 feet altitude.

I proceeded on my morning "constitutional" walk as usual, with nothing untoward to see or hear. The wind at ground level was very light, I'm tempted to say imperceptible. I cannot believe that the object was being moved by wind, because it moved so rapidly. This UFO surely must have been observed by others, but so far I have heard no report of anything like this on radio or TV. I'll look in tomorrow's newspapers for anything to corroborate my experience.

TV/Radio/Press: Copy of statement faxed to Las Cruces Sun-News


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