March 9th 2005

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Name: francisco

Location: Wellington, Palm Beach County, U.S.A

Date: March 9, 2005 11:30 pm

Approach Direction: South West 70 degrees up

Departure Direction: the same

Witness Direction: South West

Description: I was looking at the stars, especially X1 and X2 of the Orion Constellation, when suddenly I saw a Big Spark in the sky, I thought, I saw a supernova, but the spark was red and yellowish, any way i was looking through my telescope and I saw a SpaceCraft coming out of the spark,sideways, but it was moving up and down for like for six seconds, and it seems it was out of control. I have to explain that I saw this spacecraft only the bottom part. it was cooper or bronce color, and in the front had like three noses and the back part was a straight line, the body was elliptical, what i noticed was that from the front bottom it started a funnel and it was going reducing the tube at the middle, then it will go along the body and formed another big funnel. The sides of the funnel were as wide as the space craft, The space craft had some "thick walls" around it and some type of beams. I kept looking at it and then it just vanished. This thing was very massive.

I reported to Nasa Satellitie , to see if any of the satellites capture the spark. I did not have any responde from them. I have to be honest with you this is my fourth UFO , and i am 56 years , do not have anything to gain only just to say the Singularity in space is true.

Color/Shape: Ellipsis elongated, very wide and long cooper color, a funnel started at the front and disminushed at the middle, then it will start to form another funnel at the rear of it.

Height & Speed: The spacefraft was inside the atmosphere but far away form the house.everything lasted like 30 seconds.


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