March 24th 2005

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Name: Luis A. Torres

Location: North Charleston / South Carolina / USA

Date: Date: 03 / 24 / 05 ; Time 23:40 EST

Approach Direction: From South East

Departure Direction: Towards North West

Witness Direction: West

Description: While waiting for my ride home I was looking up to the sky and noticed an object appear all of a sudden in the sky rapidly moving in an approximate arc of about 8 degrees. This object remained in a straight flight until approximately two degrees from the horizon at which time it simply disappeared.

There was a waxing gibbous moon with Venus to the lower left of it. Not too many other stars visible with some clouds traveling fast. Air traffic was apparent as two flights seemed to arrive consecutively within that time frame. No satellites seen (which is what I was hoping to see).

Color/Shape: Color: Red on the sides, yellow from the middle towards the back and white on front edge; Shape: Round (as seen from the bottom). Even though it appeared to be extremely high up in the air, its body appeared to be very large compared to regular aircraft. I could probably fit 3 or more passenger craft in it.

Height & Speed: Height: approximately three times that of regular passenger aircraft and definitely faster. No sound was heard even though this craft moved at breakneck speed across the sky.

TV/Radio/Press: No reports made on any media to my knowledge.


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