March 31st 2005

Phoenix, Arizona Taping Nighttime Orbs

Date: March 30, 2005
Time: 8:26 p.m.


As you know I am still seeing and taping these orbs just about every clear day and night. This is not a plane or meteorite. No flashing lights and no debris tail. It is not a satellite because it's way too big and bright. SO it must be an orb. I saw this one coming in from the S.W. heading East and it was moving very fast around 3Kft.-5Kft.. After taping the object for a minute it just turned off like it was on a dimmer switch. I think that all of these orbs are generally the same size between 3-5ft and have a tremendous amount of energy. Depending on the altitude of these objects probably determines the size of these orbs. It seems like every 10 times I go out and tape these orbs I will catch one this low in the sky. That's why this one looks so big and bright. Also when I tried to zoom in on the orb it looked like a disc on it's side. I think this happens with bright objects out of focus so I do not know if it is a solid object or just an orb. Well it's more than just an orb to me.

I am also sending another clip of 2 bright orbs in one clip

I hope you enjoyed this and I will check in again. Say hello to all and thanks.

Video clips and pictures are ©2004RichG.

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Video clip #1 Phoenix, Arizona Taping Nighttime Orbs - Video 2.98 mbs

Video clip #2 Phoenix, Arizona Taping Nighttime Orbs - Video 2.98 mbs

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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