April 4th 2005

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: east las vegas nevada...

Date: april,4.2005 aprox. 10:00 pm

Approach Direction: s-w

Departure Direction: n-e

Witness Direction: w

Description: I was outside looking at the vegas skyline. (my back patio faces the strip) when I noticed a "plane" sillouetted against the sky which is very bright because it's vegas after all. this is not unusual because I see tons of planes every day we are about a mile from mcarrin international airport. the thing that made me take notice was the absolute lack of any running lights...so I kept watching.

it made a sound like a errie whistling sound and it was at least as big as a jumbo jet. as it turned to the s/e..(now I'm not crazy.. but it looked like the wings were not fixed. like they were rolling like a living thing.)

I stood transfixd untill it dissapeared around some builings..

please let me know if anyone else has seen this. someone must have I am not crazy.

Color/Shape: purple (not lights) like bio-luminesence


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