April 7th 2005

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Name: Justin Stoner

Location: Boise Idaho, off of Gowen Road.

Date: April 7, 2005, around 5:30 pm

Approach Direction: North

Departure Direction: South

Witness Direction: No witnesses, I was driving to work alone in my car.

Description: I was driving to work just like any other day when from the corner of my eye I see Something white in a large field of nothing, and when I look I see a white round object Hoovering low around the desert hills, I try to figure out what it could be, but no logical explanation could come to mind. I looked again to re-assure myself that I wasn't imagining it, and I wasn't I stared at it as long as I could in amasement until it went below a hill where I couldn't see it anymore. Now I am a logical thinker, and when I think of this, no logic comes to mind. The wierd thing is that there is a military base right across the street from where I saw this, now if your a conspiracy theorist, you might want to consider this as a high risk cause., Now I myself, would never believe such a thing without phisical or visual evidence, well I AM convinced, I just wish everyone in America could see what I saw, then we could have a little power to protest what we want to know....the real truth!

Color/Shape: white, round, floating, hoovering slowly

Height & Speed: 10 feet high, 20 MPH.


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