April 28th 2005

Near Timbo, Arkansas Unknowns Filmed In Sever Storm

Date: April 28, 2005
Time: Daytime sighting.

Message: I have some digital images I shot yesterday, we had severe rain, with the chemtrail clouds and subsequent rain for the past few days. Yesterday, between heavy rains, we had some boiling, rolling type cloud activity, worse than Dorothy would have seen.

Anyway, I got my camera after 20 minutes or so, so the images I actually got are quite tame, cloud wise.

We frequently see strange lights here, I watch the skies since we moved here in 2001 and noticed the heavy chemtrail activity. I have lots of chemtrail images also, but not many with a good digital. We recently got a fairly good Sony Cybershot 4.1 mega pixels. I am not very computer savvy, but I am able to enlarge the images somewhat now and see lights and things that I can't identify. If you would like to see some of these images, email me back so I can email them to you. I was later taking the shots during the after the storms chemtrailing, trying to get the plane images.

We live very far back, 3 miles down a dirt road from the Hwy pavement, in a rural area, it is very dark here with no pole lights lit at night.I have been told we under a military exercise/game flight path, and we do see many military planes. C 140's fly over regularly seeming to be going under the radar, and barely missing the tops of our mountains here. This is usually daytime activity though.

Additional Information:


Thanks for emailing me back so quickly. I am just now getting back online today, having been quite busy.

I am sending this particular shot first, since it is the one with the most unusual things within. Bear in mind, I did not see anything with the naked eye and I my intention was only to obtain shots of the cloud activity, it was so surreal and eerie. I am an amateur with this camera and the computer. This new technology baffles my brain.

But since we see and feel so many different things wherever we go and that seems to be for both my husband AND I, we are open to perceiving things that not be visible. We have seen many, unknown to us, "lights" here and military type flares, etc since we moved here, and especially the chemtrail activity and resulting strange weather below the chem cloud deck. We have livestock and acreage, so we watch the weather. I was marking on the calendar the chemspray days, with X's and all, for almost 2 years, then decided it was easier to mark the days with NO activity.

After enlarging these images the other day, I wish now I had had this camera or a better one the past 3 years.

Anyway, in this image, right in the center is a circular light or spot that attracted my attention. When I enlarged it, I was a little concerned. Then I noticed to the left of the circular thing, is another "something" more solid looking. Then I panned all the way to the left of the picture and I saw up in the left upper corner another solid looking thing with 2 different colored lights. I was shocked to see this stuff in here, because I was only shooting clouds, never would I have thought to go looking for these types of things. I do, however, take shots trying to get the chemtrail plane images in other pictures I take on a regular basis and did take some later this same day after the chem storms blew through and sure enough, the planes were up above the chemdeck, plucking along as usual.

But these images that are in this shot, are below the cloud deck, and actually very close, as the crow flies. I also cannot imagine anyone stupid enough to be even trying to fly a small plane at that time, it would have been suicidal to be in the clouds or go through them, maybe above or below, but below would have resulted in them crashing into the mountain. These clouds were rolling and looked like boiling custard, thick. We do not have satellite or local TV right now, so we rely on the weather scanner for approaching storms, this one caught us off guard. Actually, I wasn't scared of the weather, more, pissed at the weather modification occurring.

Thank you very much to the witness for their report and the photos.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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