May 7th/8th 2005

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Name: slippery elm

Location: atlanta ga

Date: 05-07-05, 05-08-05

Approach Direction: west, north, south, east

Departure Direction: east, south, north, west

Witness Direction: east

Description: Over the course of the weekend I sat on a blanket with my girlfriend in broad daylight and spotted what initially looked like white balloons passing in the sky. this continued throughout the day and looked much like maussans video and the mexico military films of white spherical objects. they passed in the sky either alone or in groups trailing as many as 6-10 at a time. they were seemingly flying in formation of widely spaced triangles. at one point my friends two year old son spotted one and the neighbor joined us. all five of us saw this highly unexplainiable phenomenon. in all we saw 40-50 over the two days.

Color/Shape: whites spherical, illuminated in bright blue sky, only other objects in sky were planes and chemtrails.

Height & Speed: height is hard to say, miles maybe. speed, slower than jets, maybe 100 miles an hour, maybe less, some hovered and moved very slowly

TV/Radio/Press: none


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