North Of Kansas City, Missouri

June 2005

North Of Kansas City, Missouri Mist Cloud Underneath Low Flying Triangular Craft

Date: June 2005
Time: Approx: 8:00 a.m. (Daylight sighting)

HBCC UFO Research Note: The eyewitness to the sighting report below called me this morning, February 16, 2006 and explained what it was he and his wife observed back in June of 2005 one early morning. Besides the entire report being of interest, I found it really interesting to note that the witnessed mentioned that the triangular craft at one point was approximately 250 feet off the ground, and at one point it hardly was moving, certainly too slow for any normal aircraft to stay aloft. At such a slow rate of speed the craft should have stalled and basically fallen from the sky. But in this case it didn't. Also what is interesting to note is that this gentleman called the police to file a report, most likely seeking an answer to what he and his wife had witnessed. The police then called military personal at the Whiteman Air Force Base, and the military called the witness to get a report from him. So what was flying that day is the question ? Ours or something unknown. The date for the sighting is broad, but I would like to request that is anyone might have been witness to this unusual event, would you be kind enough to contact me, Brian Vike at HBCC UFO Research with your detailed report. The roads that day were busy and there must have been numerous folks who saw the same event.

Message: Hi Brian, I am sending you this report on the UFO that my wife and I saw last June, 2005 that looked like a strange version of the stealth aircraft that is housed further south of Kansas City, Missouri. We were just about to leave for work when something caught my eye in the east sky just above tree level. This craft was heading due north at a speed of 35 kilometers and then turned sharply to the west and headed right for us where it then turned sharply to the north again. It was right above us! This craft made no sound but it looked sort of like a stealth bomber but very shiny and triangular with no windows of any sort. The underside had three minor domes but was hard to discern from the mist cloud underneath the craft. My wife and I stood there shocked at what we saw, unable to move.the craft then accelerated sharply in an arc up till it was out of sight. I called the police and made a report and soon after was contacted by Whiteman Air Force Base for a report, which I gave to them. The news on Fox 4 broke on the air to ask if anyone else saw this craft in the sky. I talked to the news crew and gave them my report. I can assure you this was no military craft. It made no sound what so ever. I am the type of person that believes nothing unless I see it for myself.

Thank you to the gentleman who filed this most interesting report, I also would like to extend my many thanks as he called me to make his report, which is really appreciated.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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