June 6th 2005

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Berkeley, California, USA

Date: 06/06/05 @ 06:22AM

Approach Direction: Northward

Departure Direction: Southward

Witness Direction: North

Description: I caught a glimpse of an aerial phenomenon at 06:22AM. In my line of sight, the object moved from south to north without making a sound. It appeared to be climbing at one point. The whole incident lasted about 20 seconds. I was standing on Shattuck Avenue outside the city's Bay Area Rapid Transit Station heading to my work destination. I was not able to identify the object I saw and it behaved in a way that was not indicative of any earthly aircraft I knew of in hindsight. I cannot say for sure if anyone else saw the object but what I witnessed was remarkable.

Color/Shape: The object was silver in color and looked oval and slightly elongated.

Height & Speed: The object appeared to be about 2 miles above ground and was traveling about 300 mph. As it moved and climbed, it became stationary at the 18 second mark and faded or dissipated.


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